About Us

Welcome to the ADDM Discovery Interest Group (ADDMDIG).

The group has been established to:

  • Share best practice – forum for adoption methods
  • Ecosystem for ADDM – explore integrations with other systems and tools
  • Understand ADDM roadmap and priorities
  • Direct product input into BMC
  • Understand what is import to other users
  • Share common benefits and learn how to communicate these back into the business
  • Explore problems solved by implementing ADDM
  • Help achieve product maturity


Joining the Group

The group and events have been designed and scheduled for current BMC ADDM customers and partners only. In order to join you will need to register your interest with the “ADDM Discovery Interest Group” on LinkedIn. Your request to join will be evaluated by the ADDMDIG Committee and passed to BMC to confirm that you are a customer / partner.

After you have been granted access to the LinkedIn group then you can register with this site using your LinkedIn account (via the login bottom right of this page).


  1. We have to advertise this portal to ADDM users .

  2. Hi Suhas..

    We are continually striving to make better use of this site and the Linkedin Forum group. Therefore if you have ideas of content to add you would like to see to make this more useful to end users then we would love to hear from you.



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